SharkBite Plumbing Fittings

Whether you need to repair a broken pipe or plumb a whole house, SharkBite fittings are the push-to-connect solution for leak-free results. Take for example a recent customer that wanted to install a whole-house water filter in his basement.

He certainly wasn’t new to plumbing projects, but therefore he knew what he was getting himself into with traditional copper fittings that he already had. He would need to shut off the water supply, cut the existing copper line where he wanted to place the filter, and then break out the torch and solder everything together. It can be a messy & time-consuming project at best.  And even after the fact you could be left with a pin-hole leak if not done properly.

Enter SharkBite Fittings. These ingenious devices are tool-less push fittings that simply slide over the cut pipe and lock into place. That’s it! No torch, no flux, no solder, no problem!

Our customer was amazed by how simple his project was (we think his wife was more impressed, but that’s my opinion); he measured, made his cuts, connected his SharkBite Fittings to the filter, and simply slid the ends onto his existing pipes. Done. No leaks, no mess, and again, no problem!

SharkBite fittings can be used on copper, CPVC, Pex and much more. Elbows, couplers and tees; the options are endless. Before you begin your next plumbing project stop in at Charlie’s Hardware and let us show you how easy SharkBite Fittings will make that project.

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