Scotts 4-Step Program: Step 4 Fall Lawn Food

With Fall approaching (faster than we would like to think) you look out and bask in the greatness that is your lawn, thanks to your wise decision to implement Scotts 4-Step Program.  But what about the impending harsh winter?  What will that beautiful turf look like next spring once that awful snow is gone?

Have no fear as Scotts Step 4 is here!  Apply Step 4 from August to November to protect and strengthen your Lawn against Old Man Winter.  Scotts Step 4 will build stronger, deeper roots for winter promoting a thicker, greener lawn in Spring.

Read up on all steps:
Step One: Crabgrass Preventer + Lawn Food
Step Two: Weed Control plus Lawn Food
Step Three: Lawn Food with 2% Iron
Step Four: Fall Lawn Food

Rest easy knowing that your efforts earlier in the year will not be for nothing.  Scotts 4-Step Program has you, and your lawn, taken care of from start to finish.

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