Safe Step Ice Melt Products

Whether you’re clearing your sidewalk or a parking lot, Charlie’s Hardware has the power of Safe Step Ice Melt Products to keep you safe. But wait; which one do I need? There’s bags of all different colors and numbers. Never fear the ice melt professor is here! Here’s a quick breakdown of the common Safe Step Products:

3300 Rock Salt: Optimally-sized rock salt crystals for improved melting performance, while remaining the most economical choice.

4300 Dual Blend: Quality Blend of Sodium Chloride & Magnesium Chloride which contains magic dust (or corrosion inhibitors if you want to get fancy about it) that is gentler to concrete & metals.  It’s also colored blue to help you see where you spread it.

6300 Enviro-Blend: Excellent melting power that is also safer for people, pets & vegetation. It’s patented formula also prevents refreezing up to 2 1/2 times longer than conventional products.

8300 Mag Chloride: The fastest premium ice melter on the market. It’s unique shape helps prevent it from scattering too far and is also gentle on vegetation

Sure Paws: When the safety of your furry friends is top of mind, Sure Paws is the way to go. Made with all natural ingredients to keep your pets paws & skin safer.

And if you’re still unsure, just stop by and ask a team member what they use and why!

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