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Pet Supplies

Bird and Pet Supplies — Just Around the Corner.

Birds, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, hamsters — even squirrels. Charlie’s Hardware & Rental stocks a wide range of pet and animal supplies.


  • Wild bird seed, suet, seed logs, and mealworms
  • Stokes and Perky-Pet wild bird feeders and birdhouses
  • Oriole and hummingbird food and feeders
  • Goose and duck starter

Chicken/Poultry Supplies

  • Live Chicks (in season)
  • Poultry feeders and chicken watering systems
  • Poultry housing, flooring, cages, and coops
  • Heat lamps
  • Chicken scratch – corn, egg mash, layer


  • Dog food and dishes
  • Retractable dog leashes and dog collars
  • Tie-out chain, cables, and stakes to keep your dog safe
  • Tick and flea products for your dog
  • Dog chews, treats, and toys


  • Cat food
  • Cat litter
  • Cat toys
  • Cat tick and flea products

We carry bedding for horses, rabbits and hamsters and stock a variety of supplies for squirrels including squirrel logs, cake feeders and raw peanuts in the shell.

Charlie’s Hardware & Rental provides pet supplies and wild bird supplies for Dancy, Kronenwetter and the greater Mosinee area.

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Shop the World’s Largest Hardware Store now for all your pet supply needs.

Shop the World’s Largest Hardware Store now for all your pet supply needs. GO