Bumper to Bumper Automotive Supplies.

Charlie’s Hardware & Rental carries a wide range of automotive supplies and tools to help you maintain your vehicle throughout the year.

Our Mosinee location has the following auto parts in stock:

  • Interior and exterior cleaning supplies
  • Windshield washer fluid and windshield wiper blades
  • Vehicle air conditioner refrigerant
  • Automotive lubricants including degreasers, fuel treatment, and engine cleaners
  • Repair tools for auto body, tires, and exhaust
  • Spark plugs, automotive battery chargers, battery testers, and jumper cables
  • Bulbs and fuses for your vehicles
  • Fuel line/hoses
  • Gas, diesel, and kerosene containers for vehicles
  • Vehicle trailer hitch items for towing, including hitch balls and mounts, trailer pulls, and trailer wiring and lighting
  • Charlie's Hardware automotive accessories
  • Charlie's Hardware automotive accessories
  • Charlie's Hardware automotive accessories

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