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Ladies Do it Day

Attention Ladies: Tired of waiting for someone else to finish your to-do list? Well, grab your girlfriends and join us for Ladies Do it Day!:

Sunday February 25th from 1:30-4:30
Charlie’s Hardware, Mosinee, WI  for Ladies Do it Day!

No RSVP is required for this awesome event; not only will you have the opportunity to learn some core household projects, but we’ll be giving away some great prizes AND have wine, soda & munchies served throughout the afternoon for FREE!

Interested? Here’s the scoop:

  • The first 20 ladies through the door will get a bonus door prize
  • Everyone through the door gets a ticket to drop for additional door prizes like a personal tool kit, and even a Weber Grill!
  • Grab a Charlie’s Bag & stuff it full; everything in the bag will be 20% off the entire afternoon (some restrictions will apply; limit one bag per customer)
  • Learning Stations will be setup throughout the store so you can get the knowledge to Do it Yourself, AND earn more door prize tickets for each station attended
  • Learning Stations include:
    • How to replace a door knob
    • Repair/replace basic toilet parts
    • Paint 101
    • How to check oil & filter on power equipment, and why battery power is the future
    • Basic Tools 101: How to read a tape measure, use a drill/driver, use a miter saw, etc.
    • Hanging Pictures

Have interest in a project that’s not featured? ASK! Your friends here at Charlie’s will be here to educate and empower you to Do it Yourself!

So take a break, grab a friend and join us Sunday the 25th for Ladies Do it Day!!

Download the Ladies Do it Day! flier

Safe Step Ice Melt Products

Whether you’re clearing your sidewalk or a parking lot, Charlie’s Hardware has the power of Safe Step Ice Melt Products to keep you safe. But wait; which one do I need? There’s bags of all different colors and numbers. Never fear the ice melt professor is here! Here’s a quick breakdown of the common Safe Step Products:

3300 Rock Salt: Optimally-sized rock salt crystals for improved melting performance, while remaining the most economical choice.

4300 Dual Blend: Quality Blend of Sodium Chloride & Magnesium Chloride which contains magic dust (or corrosion inhibitors if you want to get fancy about it) that is gentler to concrete & metals.  It’s also colored blue to help you see where you spread it.

6300 Enviro-Blend: Excellent melting power that is also safer for people, pets & vegetation. It’s patented formula also prevents refreezing up to 2 1/2 times longer than conventional products.

8300 Mag Chloride: The fastest premium ice melter on the market. It’s unique shape helps prevent it from scattering too far and is also gentle on vegetation

Sure Paws: When the safety of your furry friends is top of mind, Sure Paws is the way to go. Made with all natural ingredients to keep your pets paws & skin safer.

And if you’re still unsure, just stop by and ask a team member what they use and why!

Avalanche Roof Removal Systems

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having to deal with ice dams on your roof in the middle of winter, you know it’s not much fun. Not to mention the costly damage that can occur to your home.

So what do you do? Throw ice melt on the roof? Bad idea. Climb up a slippery ladder with a shovel? Equally bad idea. Now days most folks grab an aluminum “roof rake” and spend a couple hours struggling to move tons of compacted snow off their roof only to earn a sore back and shoulders.

What you need is an AVALANCHE!

Rather than fighting to pull all that snow down off the roof, the lightweight Avalanche effortlessly slides underneath the snow breaking pieces apart and sends them to the ground. The avalanche is also equipped with roller wheels to keep your roof materials safe from damage whether they’re asphalt shingles or steel.

Save time and stay safely off your roof this winter with an Avalanche Roof Removal System from Charlie’s Hardware!

Christmas Trees are back at Charlie’s!!

Nothing says Christmas time like the scent of that freshly-cut tree setup in the house. The memories made while the family spends time decorating it.  Dad completely losing his mind because the lights won’t blink. The cat launching into it like a tiny fur missile.  Ahh, memories…

Well, wait no further as Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are in stock once again here at Charlie’s Hardware & Rental! Brought in from a local family farm every year, making it more convenient than ever to grab a tree on your way home tonight.

And let’s not forget the extras to go on the tree; here at Charlie’s we have Christmas tree stands, lights, cords and much more to help get you going.  The holidays will be here before you know it, so stop by today!