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Furnace Filters

If you own your home, you know first-hand that there are plenty of responsibilities to maintaining the residence.  Cutting the grass, shoveling snow, fixing that leaky faucet and on and on.  The bank should include a maintenance man in the mortgage, don’t you agree? One key piece of home maintenance that is often overlooked it… Read More


Scotts 4-Step Program Step 3: Lawn Food with 2% Iron

Well, you’ve been meticulously maintaining your yard for a couple months now.  And since you’re a smart shopper (you are, AREN’T you?) you’ve already applied Steps 1 and 2 of Scotts 4-Step Program to your lawn.  You’ve been preventing crabgrass and killing weeds, all while feeding and growing beautiful turf in just two simple applications.… Read More


July 2016 Special of the Month

Keep that garden and lawn looking green this summer  with this oscillating sprinkler for only $12.97!  While Supplies last.